Infants, age 8 weeks to 15 months, will feel comfortable in Morning Star's safe and nurturing environment.  Each child will be cared for in a warm and affectionate manner; individualized to his or her particular need and personality.  Teachers develop a close bond with the children in their care to help instill a sense of trust and security.  Morning Star's teacher to child ratio is lower than the State-licensing requirement insuring that each child receives the best care possible.

Our teachers have previous experience working with infants and participate in training/ educational opportunities specific to caring for this young age.  Teachers provide opportunities for learning through repetitive games and fun, creative activities geared to stimulate an infant's five senses.  Your infant will feel special and know he or she is loved at Morning Star!


Children 15 months to 2½ years of age need consistent and individualized care that encourages healthy growth and secure attachments.

At Morning Star teachers are trained to provide for your young child's emotional and developmental needs.  Our toddler program offers your child a chance to grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively in an environment where they are encouraged to take chances.  Independence is encouraged through praise and guidance.  Teachers strive to show understanding and respect for each child and encourage them to use their words to express needs and feelings.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and cheerful place where your child will thrive while having their needs met.


Morning Star Child Care offers a preschool program specifically designed for children 2½ to 4 years old.  Our curriculum is based on current research—teacher directed yet adaptable to incorporate topics that interest and excite children.  Teachers guide the child's learning process by offering activities that encourage creative thought and expression.  Imaginative play, storytelling, art, and music are woven into each day.

Your child will enjoy a wide variety of creative activities—all designed for enjoyment and learning. Confidence increases as each new accomplishment is praised!  The curriculum is educational, encompassing reading and math readiness, science, and language arts.  Morning Star's large playground is designed to promote healthy physical growth, balance, and coordination.

Your child will establish close friendships in our home-like, comfortable atmosphere.

Developmental Kindergarten

The older child (age 4-5) needs a place designed for learning and practicing skills necessary for success in future formal education.  The Developmental Kindergarten is a classroom offering a full or part-day program for children currently eligible for Kindergarten the following school year.  Children must be 4 years old by September 1st.

Children enrolled in our Developmental Kindergarten will develop listening, verbal, and auditory skills.  They will learn pre-reading and mathematic concepts, practice writing, and explore science in an environment that is appropriate, safe, and fun.

Children are formally evaluated in November.  Parent and teacher conferences are held annually or available upon request.


Children kindergarten to 12 years of age need a safe place to play before and after school, on those no school days, holidays, and summers.  Morning Star offers a program that includes arts and crafts, indoor games, reading time, free play and outside sports.

Teachers plan a wide variety of creative and fun activities to keep your school-age child busy.  Your child will appreciate the small group size and individualized attention.

Field trips are often scheduled for those “no school” days.  Our Morning Star school bus is used to transport the children safely.  Transportation to and from school is provided by Dexter Community Schools.

Summer time is especially fun at Morning Star.  The summer campers are taken to swim, play at local parks, create clever art and craft projects, tour museums, and visit the zoo among many other activities.  The overnight campout is a favorite annual adventure!

Special Classes

Morning Star's teachers offer a variety of special classes throughout the year to enrich their student’s learning.  In addition to the daily singing and dancing that goes in each classroom The Music Lady visits each classroom once a month.   Monkey Play is a program that enriches motor development by concentrating on vestibular and proprioceptive sensory development.  This programs meets for two sessions a year; each 8-10 weeks long.  Soccer shots is available in the spring and summer for those students interested in learning the skills necessary to play soccer.  Finally, summer reading and math tutoring is available for school age students.