Tuition 2018-2019


Infants (Age: 6 weeks to 15 months)
Full week-full days M-F:  $1,230.00
3 Full days/week:  $750.00
2 Full days/week:  $500.00

Toddlers (Age: 16 to 32 months)
Full week-full days M-F:  $1,145.00
3 Full days/week:  $700.00
2 Full days/week:  $467.00

Preschoolers (Age: 2.9 to 6 years)
Full week-full days M-F:  $1,000.00
3 Full days/week:  $612.00
2 Full days/week:  $408.00


  • 7% discount on second sibling--oldest child enrolled.  Applies to full-time enrollment only.
  • Two free weeks offered for monthly payment (included in rate, full or daily, 12 month enrollment).
  • Tuition due regardless of illness, vacation, appointments, or holidays.
  • School-Age tuition based on submitted schedule and Dexter Community Schools' calendar.
  • Monthly tuition is nonrefundable.  A two weeks notice is required for withdrawal.
  • Morning Star Child Care is open on "snow days" for School-age children enrolled on our "no school day" list.
  • $15.00 Late Payment Fee charged for delinquent tuition payment.  Fee charged per week until tuition submitted.
  • $25.00 Returned Check Fee.
  • $25.00 Schedule Change Fee (charged after first change).
  • Co-pay required for DHS and GSA enrollment.
  • Maximum of 10 hours a day of provided care.


  • Registration fee and completed enrollment form is required for acceptance into the program.
  • Registration fee is nonrefundable.  Charged one time only unless child is disenrolled, then enrolled at a later date.